A Manifestation and Expression of Divinity

Paradoxically, I'm human having a spiritual experience of things mostly unknown and unseen, and spiritual having a human experience of living and dying in our beautiful and ugly world that's as real as it is illusory. Born with a lot of light into a relatively dark place, a 'multipotentialite', I had to embark on quite a fascinating journey to liberate and redeem myself. Due to the nature of things unknown and unseen - along with some terrible tales and nightmarish experiences from that dark place, in my world today - GOD is magnificently first and above absolutely everything. I'm a Christian!

If being a Christian doesn't resonate with you and you have no interest whatsoever in exploring the deeper truths and meaning of life from a Christian perspective, then I'll suggest you read no further because we won't be the right fit for a collaboration. My core philosophy of life is founded on this very solid foundation. There's so much more to life than really meets the eye. You'll either sense that I'm being completely authentic and truthful - or you won't, and the latter is just fine; yet strangely odd but also true, regardless of your perspective, you are a manifestation and expression of Divinity too.

For those with whom the words above resonate, who want to own their body, master their mind and evolve their soul, here's how I'm qualified to help you. A few hats I wear:

  • Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

  • Personal Safety Trainer and Self-protection Instructor (Self-defence/Combatives)

  • Transformational Coach

  • Mindfulness and Somatic Educator and Coach

  • CBT-aware Mental Health First Aider (and More)

  • Wellness Consultant

  • Perpetual Student of the Bible, Philosophical Studies, Counselling and Psychotherapy

I'm on a mission to change our world one 'humane' spiritual being at a time. On the ever progressing journey of a pilgrim, albeit slightly further ahead on my own path with a depth of insight and understanding that can help you, please get in touch to learn from me - as I from you.......